Peterson launches StroboStomp Mini

Peterson launches StroboStomp Mini

Audio Distribution Group are pleased to bring you news on the StroboStromp Mini from Peterson.

Taking it’s cue from the class-defining StroboStomp HD pedal, the new StroboStomp Mini boasts a new compact form factor and top mounted jacks for pedal fans who want to squeeze every bit of space out of their boards. While it may be mini in size, the pedal still retains everything users love about its larger brother, such as pop-less true bypass, pure buffer, always-on Monitor Mode, transposition, adjustable concert A reference and Peterson’s gorgeous multi-colour display, that truly delivers a 0.1 cent tuning accuracy.

This stunning new tuner will be shipping across Europe from Audio Distribution Group soon.

For over 75 years, Peterson has been trusted by some of the biggest names on stage and in the studio as the standard in tuning precision. The StroboStomp Mini delivers the unmatched 0.1 cent tuning accuracy of all authentic Peterson Strobe Tuners in a mini pedal tuner format. Featuring a high-definition LCD strobe display with variable LED color backlight, your instruments will never sound more in tune.

A pop-less true bypass mode and a buffered output mode place you in command of your precious tone without compromise. With over 80 exclusive Sweetened Tunings® and Guided Tunings on-board, you’ll be able to dial in your sound and tune like the pros!

Peterson have designed StroboStomp Mini around the most requested features from their customers: a mini form factor, and top mounted jacks. They felt there could be no concessions in StroboStomp Mini. Users will find everything they love about StroboStomp HD in StroboStomp Mini, pop-less true bypass, pure buffer, always-on Monitor Mode, transposition, adjustable concert A reference, as well as a few new features like Power Up Mute State not yet available on StroboStomp HD.

As with all their tuners, StroboStomp Mini adheres to their 0.1 cents standard of tuning accuracy. StroboStomp Mini is everything you need in a pedal tuner; shrunk down to less than half the size of StroboStomp HD.

Main Features:

  • Mini Strobe pedal tuner
  • User-Configurable High-Definition LCD Display with LED Colour Backlight
  • Easily Visible in Direct Sunlight or Stage Lighting
  • Real Strobe Tune with 0.1 Cent Accuracy
  • Over 80 Sweetened and Guided Tunings
  • 390Hz – 490Hz Concert A Reference
  • Up to +5 to -6 Half-Tone Transposition
  • Switchable Pop-less 100% True Bypass or Pure Buffered Output
  • Tuning ‘Always-On’ Monitor Mode
  • Mini Form Factor with Top Mounted Jacks
  • Updateable Firmware
  • Peterson Connect enabled
  • Powered by opt 9 V PSU or 5 V USB-C (9V DC, centre -, 2,1mm, ~85 mA current draw)

Mini Pedal Form Factor

Size matters. StroboStomp Mini includes all the fantastic tuning power you have come to love, in a teeny tiny living space. With its HD display, StroboStomp Mini is accurate to 1/10th of 1 cent, includes over 80 Sweetened and Guided Tunings, has adjustable Concert A Reference from 390Hz – 490Hz, and includes Transposition settings from -5 – +6 half steps.

Top Mounted Jacks

You asked. We listened. We take customer feedback seriously. Our most requested feature is top mounted jacks. StroboStomp Mini utilizes top mounted jacks to make its small footprint even more useful. StroboStomp Mini will fit on even the most crowded pedalboard.

Pure Buffer Mode

Does your love for effect-driven musical chaos require a massive pedal board? Need that XL cable for jumping off the stack during your face melting solo?

No problem, the StroboStomp Mini features a PURE buffer mode to preserve the sonic clarity of your axe while enabling you to run a collection of pedals and long cable lengths without compromise.

100% Pop-less True Bypass

We’ve redesigned and greatly improved the way incoming signal was handled in true-bypass mode to deliver a perfectly silent experience when muting your signal.

A dual relay circuit effectively bleeds out any incoming signal before powering the tuner down resulting in a silent transition without affecting tone quality.

Always-on Monitor Mode

Want to see your tuning without having to mute? Need to check your intonation on the fly on fretless? With our Always-on Monitor Mode you can do just that.

Monitor Mode allows you to see the Tune Screen at all times, without needing to mute the signal. It also engages our buffer to combat tone-sucking of long cable runs. Of course, you can still mute your signal in Monitor Mode to tune silently.

We All See Color Differently

The LCD display on the StroboStomp Mini is easy to see in bright lighting conditions but the LED backlight color is user-adjustable to suit your particular viewing preference.

Globally change the display color for all functions or choose to associate colors with specific tunings for easy and quick identification at the gig.

Create custom colors on Peterson Connect or use any of the 10 preset colors to organize your preset tuning list.

GBP ERP £125. Available mid June.

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