Review – Amedia Vigor Rock Shiny Series Cymbals

Review – Amedia Vigor Rock Shiny Series Cymbals

Here’s the latest review from our sister-site Drummer’s Review looking at a selection of Amedia Vigor Rock Shiny Series cymbals, featuring…

  • 14″ Hi-Hats,
  • 15″ Crash,
  • 16″ Crash,
  • 18″ Crash,
  • 19″ Crash,
  • 20″ Ride,
  • 22″ Ride,
  • Handmade in Turkey,
  • Raw bell coupled with highly polished & lathed bow.

Amedia Says…“The Vigor series buffed to a high sheen for onstage flash, cymbals in the Vigor Rock Shiny series also feature a hand-hammered bell to spread out their overtones and add complexity to their sound.”

Find out the team’s thoughts in the video above!!!

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