Rockboard Announce PedalSafe

Rockboard Announce PedalSafe

With the revolutionary and worldwide patented RockBoard® PedalSafe® system, the beloved effect pedals are finally protected from beer showers and other dirt.

The robust RockBoard® PedalSafes® are transparent rubber covers with removable caps for easy access to the pedal controls and jacks etc. They protect your pedals and keep them in perfect condition. No dirt, beer, dust or sweat will get through while you rock! The PedalSafe® covers are clamped onto mounting plates that can be attached to each pedal board with screws or Velcro tape.

The PedalSafes® are also compatible with the RockBoard® QuickMount® system and each PedalSafe® is also available with the appropriate QuickMount® mounting plate for use with the RockBoard® series.


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