Sabian AAX FREQ Cymbals Part II

Sabian AAX FREQ Cymbals Part II

Here’s our review of a selection of Sabian AAX FREQ cymbals from sister site Drummer’s Review, featuring…

  • 14″ Hats,
  • 16″ Crash,
  • 17″ Crash
  • 21″ Ride,
  • dual-band lathing,
  • minimal hammering,
  • raw bell,
  • B20 Bronze construction.

Sabian says..“When you think AAX, think of a cymbal you can play all day long on modern or mainstream music – with a range as wide as Bruno Mars to Meshuggah. Definitely check out the brand new Thin and Medium crashes – they sound like HEAVEN.”

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Find out our thoughts in the video above!!!


14″ Hats: £300.00 (approx.),

16″ Crash: £175.00 (approx.),

17″ Crash: £215.00 (approx.) 

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