SolidGold FX Introduce Oblivion Quad Flanger

SolidGold FX Introduce Oblivion Quad Flanger

Audio Distribution Group are pleased to announce that Canadian brand SolidGold FX has launched a new product, the OBLIVION Quad Flanger, which is available now, following its debut earlier this year at NAMM 2020.


“From epically lush modulated movements to intense regenerating alien airwaves, lo-fi bit-crushed textural landscapes and much more, OBLIVION is not here to capture a snapshot of the past, it’s here to open portals to the future”, state SGFX.

OBLIVION has three distinct Flange modes available, starting with a classic Flanger, SolidGoldFX added in Thru-Zero capabilities to pull you in and out of space.

To push things a little bit further, they then came up with the Bi-Flange mode – offsetting a pair of modulating delay lines for even more sweeping movement. That sounded great, but how about taking the humble flanger to new realms by adding four delay lines?

The Quad-Flange mode adds those four (yes four!) independent delay lines for massive swooshing tsunamis of ominous textures.

Each of these Flanger settings have their respective Degrade modes, introducing a lo-fi element unique to this pedal reminiscent of ring mods or robotic overtones. Once all of that was accomplished, SolidGoldFX then set out to cram in additional flexibility for even more fine tuning. A Blend control helps to adjust your wet and dry mix for light and polite Chorus sounds or for a full-on swirling whirlpool of Flange.

Expression and CV capabilities, with internal Dip Switches, add even more variation and control, not to mention the multi-function foot switch capabilities for Tap Tempo, Speed Ramping and LFO Braking right at your feet.

With top-mounted jacks and soft touch-relay True Bypass switching, this pedal truly has it all.

Main Features:

  • Flanger pedal with 3 modes – Classic Thru-Zero, Bi or Quad Flanging
  • Multiple LFO waveforms
  • 4 individual offset modulating delay lines
  • Multi-function foot switches – Tap Tempo, Speed Ramping and LFO Braking
  • Expression control and CV capabilities
  • True bypass switching and top-mounted jacks – for ease of pedalboard mounting
  • Hand-made in Montreal, Canada
  • Powered by a regular 9 V DC PSU
    (centre -, 2.1mm, 60 mA current draw)

GBP ERP: £245

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