Soundwhale and Media Integration Partner for Japan Distribution

Soundwhale and Media Integration Partner for Japan Distribution

Remote audio collaboration platform Soundwhale is announcing an exclusive partnership with Media Integration, Japan’s largest distributor of professional production software and equipment. Japanese professionals can now enjoy lifetime Soundwhale licensing and combined customer care as they continue to adjust to remote collaboration.

Soundwhale delivers a much sought-after solution for Media Integration’s diverse ‘Rock oN’ and ‘Rock On Pro’ clientele, from musicians to audio post engineers, and every production need in-between. Soundwhale makes synchronous collaboration, communication, and recording a reality in an easy-to-use, cost-effective suite. Media Integration customers can utilize a comprehensive platform that covers most recording studio scenarios, from remote mixing and mastering to remote recording, including synchronized video sessions. In addition, Soundwhale and Media Integration will offer perpetual licensing opportunities, combining their technical teams to provide customers greater coverage and a lifetime of support.

The two companies will also join forces to help customers discover additional solutions and tools for their changing needs. Soundwhale will be utilized as a demonstration platform by Media Integration dealers across Japan. Customers will have the opportunity to view third-party software demonstrations, acquire training on new systems, and receive invaluable technical support.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Soundwhale because many of our customers have been searching for high-quality remote recording and post-production tools,” says Media Integration’s Ryuichi Kitaki. “We look forward to building a strong relationship and developing the Soundwhale brand in Japan.”

“Soundwhale’s mission will never change: to remotely capture the creative sparks and moments of clarity as if you are next to someone,” explains Soundwhale founder Ameen Abdulla. “Reaching an incredible market like Japan, which is known to produce some of the most trend-setting, forward-thinking, tech-savvy minds, especially when it comes to sound and music, will be an incredible opportunity for us to grow.”

About Soundwhale

Soundwhale is a remote collaboration solution for audio post and music production that allows users to create content and exchange ideas. It’s meant for clients and collaborators that cannot be in the same room. Users can connect over the network and listen to the same audio, communicate, and make changes during the creative process in real time.

Soundwhale is geared towards all users. Users with little or no audio experience can connect with voice talent and musicians and record them directly in Soundwhale. More experienced users that want to edit, mix, or produce can connect and stream from external software like Pro Tools. Communication occurs through audio, video, or text chat. Post production mix reviews can occur from a distance as the client will receive a live audio mix that’s locked to picture. Any changes to the mix will happen in realtime as the client gives direction to the mix engineer.

About Media Integration

Media Integration, Inc. is Japan’s largest distributor for professional audio and creative equipment. Founded in 1989 as a retail store, Media Integration now consists of three divisions focusing on distribution, sales, and media respectively. Rock On Pro, their system integration division, offers full support for building a wide variety of studios, from commercial studios to person production rooms. Their deep knowledge of the latest technologies comes from numerous successful collaborations with such respected brands as Waves, Apogee, iZotope, Focal, Focusrite Pro, and ROLI. Media Integration’s focus on customer culture is globally admired in an constantly evolving industry. &

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