The 5 most plausible things to break down when you’re playing an instrument

The 5 most plausible things to break down when you’re playing an instrument

Quite the title, isn’t it? Yeah, we’re sorry. We really tried to shorten it down, but it just wasn’t easy to phrase in a short way. Just like there’s no soft way to break the news about the instruments who are most likely to break down whilst using them. But if you keep an eye out for these flaws, you’ll enjoy playing your instrument much longer! And that’s what it’s all about after all …

  1. Broken strings

As you are a genius in playing your instrument, broken strings are an inevitably part of the job. Although, you can try to prevent it when you know where the reason lies. In most cases, repeatedly string breakage has to do with a mechanical problem. Secondly, make sure you’re always using the right strings for the job: are you using standard strings for an alternate tuning? Then this is probably the reason they’re breaking all the time. Our recommendation? Get your guitar checked out for some mechanical issues and/or get a custom set of strings.

  1. Busted piano keys

This issue is often the most common problem amongst piano owners. There are a lot of possible causes, but mostly it has to do with something that’s logged in between two keys. This is the reason you’re not ought to eat whilst sitting at your instrument. Also, watch out for small objects like a paperclip, small coins or pencil tips. If you bear this in mind, you’ll be able to play this beautiful instrument for the rest of your days without any busted piano keys.

  1. Cracked sticks or a split drumhead

Well, as you might know… Drumming is a contact instrument, which means it’ll wear down more easily. Of course, you shouldn’t have to replace your sticks or drumhead after every jam session. This is why you should make sure you’re using the right technique. Try not hitting the drumhead overly hard and practice using your wrists instead of your whole arm. Because remember… Technique is power!

  1. Saliva jam within your brass instrument

One of the main enemies of brass instruments is saliva, which mostly damages mouthpieces, lead pipes, soft solder joints, piston valves and slide tubing. Therefore, you should regularly treat your instrument to a warm shower with just a drop of soap (we recommend using special brass soap). Don’t forget to rinse your instrument afterwards, so you won’t have to deal with dried up soap particles in the valves!

  1. Stuck button on your Guitar Hero instrument (haha. #sorrynotsorry)

But seriously, though: this really is an issue. Guitar Hero should really tackle this quickly, because people’s high scores are depending on this mother!

There you go guys. Follow this advice and keep it in mind when playing your favourite musical instrument. Maybe this list can even help you in averting some of these costly issues. Good luck and keep on rocking, you musical geniuses!

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