Tracktion Introduce LOVE A New Audio FX Plugin

Tracktion Introduce LOVE A New Audio FX Plugin

Tracktion Corporation is delighted to introduce a brand new audio FX plugin from Dawesome – LOVE. It delivers a powerful combination of shimmer effect, a cutting edge granular engine and an epic spacey reverb ensuring LOVE is all you need.

Its velvety Shimmer effect combines a glistening reverb with parallel pitch shifters allowing users to sprinkle their compositions with delicate, cascading harmonic layers that glow and sparkle. From sweet angel dust to infinite black holes, LOVE can take any source material to new dimensions.

LOVE’s unique granular engine enables users to slice, dice and rearrange audio into microscopic grains so sounds can be sculpted to create intricate textures and atmospheric strata. It offers limitless time-stretching, pitching-shifting and granular synthesis options, meaning users can transform the mundane into something truly beautiful.

Included is Clouds, an impressive reverb which adds ethereal, unearthly tones to music recordings; giving users another level of sonic manipulation and even more spatial control of their sound.

With its intuitive, single-page user interface and lightening fast workflow, LOVE liberates the creative flow of both seasoned professionals and aspiring beginners. Randomization controls allow for locking in specific parameters, while ensuring others remain unaffected. Simply use the filter to add ‘dust’, ‘dirt’ and ‘grit’, add retro futuristic space effects with the phaser, give the sound metallic vibes with chorus plus all the dials can be automated. LOVE offers the perfect balance between order and chaos.

LOVE is the latest creation of Peter V, aka Dawesome, known worldwide for his innovative MPE instruments Abyss, Novum and Kult. It offers users an unparalleled audio experience which transcends the boundaries of space and time and can be used to elevate their ambient music to new celestial heights.

Available from the plugin can be purchased at a 40% discount from the full price of $59 until 17th June 2023. ‘LOVE is all you need

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