Changing strings on Majesty?

Changing strings on Majesty?

Hi All! New here 🙂

I’ve never changed strings on my guitar personally. Always had a luthier do it.

However, I got a majesty a month ago and had a professional set it up and put RPS 2240s on them. He set the action too low so all I did was put some relief on the neck.

Anyhow, last night I broke the high E even though it has been only a few weeks. I wanted to know how to change strings on a majesty bridge. Do I have to float it? Also, can I just replace one string or should I do all of them.

I may take this time to try out the paradigm strings too, so if anyone has an opinion on those. (I don’t think I will have to reset the action either, cause the gauge would be the same?)


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