Connect 2x Konnekt 48 together

Connect 2x Konnekt 48 together

Hello I use Cubase 9,5 on a PC and I have had a Konnekt 48 with a Behringer ADA8000 for many years, and it has never failed me.

I just got a second Konnekt 48 and daisychained them together simply by connecting a firewire cable from the Old unit to the new one. Both units shows up in the control panel and the Old one has the green «M» circle on it and shows up as master.

Q1: How can I get the Old to be the unit that sends audio to the main out and headphones out for both the units?

Q2: Is there a limitation that I can only hear 6 channels from the new device? (I can only add 6 extra in the tc near)

If I turn of the New K48 everything is fine, but when I turn it on the daw sends to that unit where there is no speakers connected even though the Old one stays as Master.

I use ADAT on the old as sync source.

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