Ditto X4 SD image, possible FIX for dead X4s?

Ditto X4 SD image, possible FIX for dead X4s?

Hey friends!

So after trying to update my bricked Ditto X4 for the 100th time again today, I decided to open it up and see if I could trouble shoot anything obvious. Not sure what state the SD card came in, but it’s unreadable by my computer and if it’s removed, the device seems to work like it was fresh out of the box with no instructions on how to run (no firmware or storage).

It got me thinking that the SD is corrupt, or at least a big piece of the issue with these. If anyone has a working one lying around, and doesn’t mind trying to crack it open and see what’s on that card, maybe the hundreds of loopers collecting dust have a shot.

And… if it’s not that, well, we at tried. I’ll probably resort to plan B and get a new one and swap parts to see where the fault is. My X4 is on that pedestal, where it shaped so much of my sound and approach to music, it’s like my version of the DL4, I’ll be damned if I have to walk away from decayed loops for ever… ever… ver…er…r…r.

I appreciate any thoughts! Thanks!

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