Flashback 2 and Toneprint Editor problems

Flashback 2 and Toneprint Editor problems

Hi there,

I’m struggling with how the Flashback 2 interacts with the latest TonePrint editor – specifically:

1) There appears to be no user manual for the Toneprint Editor v3 – it is a completely different layout to the previous 2 versions and doesn’t seem very user friendly. Is there a manual coming out shortly?

2) It seems that you cannot alter the knob parameter values by clicking on the number at the bottom of the chart (like Tore shows in the demo video for the previous toneprint editor). The numbers highlight when you click them but you cannot change them. Can this be fixed? It is otherwise impossible to set a minimum delay time less than 69ms for example (on the 2290 setting) by moving the slider – it goes from 0 to 69 and seems to default to 20ms minimum. Tore clearly adjusts this to 7ms in the demo video. I just want to be able to type in a precise number.

3) When hooking up the Flashback 2 to a PC via USB and loading the Toneprint editor the onscreen display seems to bear no relation to what toneprint you already have loaded. How can I tell which delay type is loaded in each of the 3 toneprint slots?
For example, if I go to the library and load an artist toneprint by hitting “Send to Pedal” none of the onscreen parameters change.
If I choose a toneprint template in the Editor adjust some parameters and hit “Store to Pedal” it changes but if I then select another toneprint slot and go back to the one I have just saved, everything seems to revert back to how it was before I made the changes.

4) Is there a way to do a factory reset on the pedal?

A key buying decision behing the Flashback was the customisation options but this incarnation of the Toneprint editor (PC version) doesn’t seem to have the functionality or ease of use of previous versions.

Can you help?


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