Help: Majesty action issue

Help: Majesty action issue

Hey guys,

I bought my Majesty 6 string back in October last year.

I had the guitar set up professionally for hybrid slinky’s in line with my personal preference.

The guitar has performed great ever since but I’ve noticed that the action keeps rising back up over the period of roughly 3-4 weeks. I give it around a quarter and a bit turn on the truss rod and it usually lowers back to where I like it. However, after another 3-4 weeks, the action has gone back up again.

My explanation up to now was that the weather was messing with the wood in the neck as it’s been generally very cold and we’ve required the heating on quite a lot in the house which I know can cause a few issues. However, today was the 3rd or 4th time I’ve had to adjust the rod and I’m hesitant to be continually playing with it (I’m certainly no guitar tech!)

Is this normal or is there a bigger issue with the guitar?


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