Help: Majesty claw screws, cant loosen

Help: Majesty claw screws, cant loosen

So I watched this helpful video that shows you how to change the tuning of you guitar easily with a floating bridge

This is Why You Suck at Guitar: How to change tuning and string gauges floyd rose tremolo – YouTube

figured this sounds easy enough and something even I can do!

So I blocked the tremolo, tuned guitar down 1/2 step, removed the block. Then when I went to loosen the claw screws to tune the guitar, they would not budge. Got to the point where it felt like the screw was starting to strip. Thought maybe the screwdriver size was a bit off, tried 4 different screw drivers…. no luck.

Is it possible the screws are already as loose as they can go? Does that make sense for the guitar to come with the screws backed all the way off? There are 3 springs in the guitar btw cause Im sure someone will ask that. Please help, am I doomed to play in E standard indefinately?

Its a 6 string Majesty btw.

Thank You

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