Majesty bridge string notches? / more springs more tone!

Majesty bridge string notches? / more springs more tone!

Had my Majesty for a few weeks now, getting used to the thin neck and light weight – i really love this guitar, planning to sell off my PRS collection and just keep one Strat and the Majesty.

One problem i am having however is with the lack of any string slots on the bridge. The skinny e string (.010 tuned to E) slides sideways across the saddle when i bend notes, and winds up sitting offset from the center of the saddle! – making the space between the E and B strings closer than the other strings.

I could just take it to my local luthier and get him to put a notch in the saddle, but im worried about how this might effect the pizeo pickup response. (I emailed EBMM support about this but no response.)

Does anyone have any idea of problems i might face adding a string notch to a Majesty EBMM pizeo bridge?

Another thing i have found is that going from 3 springs to 4 looser springs has noticeably improved tone! – I am going to add a Rockinger type trem stabilizer, and in preparation i rebalanced the trem for 4 springs to make space in the middle for the stabilizer. To my surprise it has clearly improved the tone. More treble, liveliness, and character. I was planning to swap out the shredder pickups in my Majesty for some PAF’s, but now i might not need to.



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