Majesty with no power after battery leak – fix tip

Majesty with no power after battery leak – fix tip

Hello guys!
I am posting this thread here in case it helps other fellows with same problem…
I had a 2 weeks break from playing my Majesty, and yesterday at our band rehearsal there was no sound coming from the guitar to the amp. Then it came to my mind that the batteries might have run out of power, so I should just change them into new ones. So I got new batteries and when I open the battery compartment in the back, I found a terrible mess… Two out of my 3 Energizer MAX batteries (the “no leak” ones…) had leaked pretty badly… those batteries are less than one year old. Well, I tried to take some of the mess with a screwdriver and put the new batteries in, but the guitar did not come to life… there was no power in it…

The solution:
I went home and started browsing youtube for “Majesty no power” videos, and got frustrated cos I couldn’t find anything that could help me, then I searched for “battery leak damage” and found really good videos explaining what to do when a battery leak and how to recover a leaked device… well to cut short:

1- take a bit of (white/clear) vinegar, take a toothbrush, a piece of paper towel and some cotton sticks.
2 – wet the toothbrush in a vinegar, stomp it a bit in the paper towel to take off the drips of vinegar and leave the brush just “wet”, then brush the areas damaged with the battery leak and then dry those with the cotton sticks. You may also try to clean the damaged areas with vinegar humidified cotton sticks, but I at least went straight to the point with the wet toothbrush.

Thats what I did, and the metal parts in the battery compartment were new again. The vinegar totally dissolved that alkaline corrosion that happened when the batteries leaked.

Be careful with your batteries, from now on I will change those 2 to 3 times a year just to play safe.

I hope this will help someone out there!

Cheers from Finland!

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