NBD: Aqua Sparkle Stingray Special 4HH

NBD: Aqua Sparkle Stingray Special 4HH

I picked my Aqua sparkle Stingray Special up last week and am really well pleased with it. I already have a blue dawn SR4HH and a Neptune blue (thus mahogany) Classic Sabre but this bass is really quite different whilst also retaining that Stingray sound and vibe. So what’s great about it?

1) Weight – it’s very light (lightest EBMM I have) – I haven’t weighed it but it is extremely light – it also balances completely on my thigh when sat down – no hands!!
2) Neck feel – the roasted maple feels so slick – it’s the smoothest I’ve ever played – even more so than my roasted flamed maple Sabre.
3) Look – well it’s a stunner. And the ebony/roasted neck contrasts beautifully. Along with the stainless frets. The new tuners feel great – and the black hardware looks spot on.
4) Sound – the EQ is great. As well as the standard HH sounds the revolved pre amp and extra power seem to enable a lot more tone sculpting – the bass boost is STRONG and fat – reminiscent of the Bongo (but different – more of a fatter Stingray). The mid is revolved with less boost and more cut available.
5) Resonance – this bass when played acoustically has resonance like my Bongo. It’s astonishing!!

I’ve played it four or five times in rehearsals and gigs and it’s really so impressive. I played it at a festival with an Orange valve amp plus 4×12, with a very large PA. the sound was fabulous.

This is a very fine instrument. Thanks to Mike at Andertons and Nick at Strings and Things for helping with the order for this – it appears to have been too wacky for a stock order – sorry to have upset the Andertons staff taking their favourite Musicman bass of the Specials delivery away :p:D pics to follow….

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