NtmGD: Carbon Blue Silo Special

NtmGD: Carbon Blue Silo Special

A while back I posted in the Wanted thread to hopefully find a Carbon Blue Silo Special. My first Ball was a Carbon Blue Silo Special, ’08 or ’09 I think (whatever the last year of that color was). I loved the color but I ended up selling it because I was convinced it just wasn’t Strat-y enough. I had always remembered how great it felt to play, though, and decided to look for another one.

Forum member Gundar was kind of enough to reach out to me to let me know he had a Carbon Blue Silo Special he wanted to sell. Got it a few days later and it’s everything I remembered it to be. This one is identical to my old one, but I’m not letting this one go so fast. When i compared the Silo to the Cutlass, yeah I can hear some differences but I attribute that more to pickups since both guitars are voiced differently. I’ve got plans for this guitar ( Fat ’50s and a Suhr Thornbucker) and I know it won’t disappoint.

Anyway, big thanks to Gundar and here’s a pic:

And my old one:

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