Question: Where Can I Get a New Bridge Saddle for Cutlass HSS?

Question: Where Can I Get a New Bridge Saddle for Cutlass HSS?

I bought a ‘mint’ Cutlass HSS off of Reverb which came today. The action when I got it was 3/32″ on low E and 4/32″ on high E. While trying to adjust each of the saddles came to discover that one of the screws on the saddle on the high E is stripped. The 1.5 mm hex wrench just spins, and the screw won’t turn. And the next size up wrench won’t fit. I also think the screws themselves for this saddle are completely wrong. They appear to be too long. If you see the attached photo, one side of the saddle is very low, but the screw is high. It’s as if the screws for the middle saddle are present in this one. I think the high E screws are higher than the G ones. I have another Cutlass, and my high E saddle is very low, and there I contacted the seller, but not sure what that will do.

A closeup of my saddles

Is there any way to purchase a saddle and the two screws from EBMM? How does one go about asking for this? And, if they do make them available, I’m a bit unsure how to get the saddle replaced. I see that there is one screw visible when you take the back plate off. Is that the only screw holding the silver cover over the bridge?

A little frustrated. 😡

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