Reflex pickup heights

Reflex pickup heights

Hi guys,

Does anyone around here know what the factory specs for pickup heights are on the Reflex? (and how they are measuring them).

I bought mine used, and would like to see if it has been messed with.

I know pickup heights are really a matter of personal taste, but I still think it would be useful to know what the profs at EBMM intended, and take it from there.

I think the tone is currently a bit too muddy in series (the fat sounding) mode, so I almost always end up using it in parallel. But what I want from this guitar is really the singing tones along the lines of an LP.

Currently I have borrowed a LP, and set that one up according to factory specs. I note that they recommend that humbuckers are set pretty damn close to the strings.. but on my Reflex they are currently backed quite far down…

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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