Solution to add 4CM to Nova System

Solution to add 4CM to Nova System

Hi everyone, English isn’t my native language, so sorry for some errors.

I’ve been searching for sometime any solution to add the 4CM to the Nova.

Finally I found these guys:

The first it’s a MIDI switcher and the other is a loop switcher.

With these I can use my Nova to switch Amp channel and activate / deactivate some pedals in front (compressor and boost).

Its a clever solution for under U$ 70,00.

My setup:

Guitar -> PML-2 (loop1 with BB preamp, loop2 equalizer) -> AMP (front) -> AMP send to Nova’s input -> Nova’s output to AMP return.

I run a MIDI cable from Nova to the PMS-2, another cable from PMS-2 to PML-2 and to Amp channel switch.

I hope this help someone.


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