Why I still have my G System

Why I still have my G System

I put together this system with 5 amps and several guitars. I have a G90 wireless running into the GS in a rack, and Insert Return, Insert Out and a relay out to a patch bay. Insert Send is a long TRS to reach whatever amp. The FX Send and Return, Plus TRS relay switch cables (except for the JP-2C) also go to the patch bay. All power goes to the power conditioner.

Between these amps I need a combination of relay and MIDI controls, with different relay settings. I have these set up per bank, with banks dedicated to amps. My main banks work with most amps, actually, but the Shiva and JP2C need extra stuff.

I can very easily switch guitars and amps, rotating through all of them such that I can set up a loop with one amp and guitar and play over it with another amp and guitar. Almost no delay.

I can pack up the rack with the GS, wireless and pedals and off to the gig no problem. The biggest problem now is which amp to bring?

The GS sounds great, and was easy to program up for everything. Got another amp on the way…

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