MI media landscape shifts again as Anthem sells music titles

MI media landscape shifts again as Anthem sells music titles

Guitar Magazine and Music Tech publisher Anthem has sold its music making titles to Singapore based BandlLab Technologies.

In a brief statement on the Anthem website, the company says: ‘Anthem Publishing Ltd has today announced it is in advanced negotiations to sell its Music Making titles to BandLab Technologies. The purchase is anticipated to complete in the next two weeks and encompasses MusicTech, MusicTech Focus, The Guitar Magazine, Guitar Classics, www.musictech.net and www.theguitarmagazine.com, as well as other associated websites and social media pages.

‘All staff are anticipated to transfer with the brands and BandLab Technologies will benefit from an extensive transitional services period to minimise disruption to existing suppliers and other relationships.

‘No further comment will be given before completion’.

The magazines’ buyer, Singapore based BandLab Technologies, has already surprised the music industry once this year, in February 2018, by acquiring software pioneer Cakewalk from struggling guitar maker, Gibson. Beyond its activities with Cakewalk, the company’s activities are more obscured than revealed by a website which says: ‘BandLab is a social music platform that enables creators to make music and share the creative process with musicians and fans. With a global community of creators and fans, BandLab combines music making and collaboration tools like the world’s first cross-platform DAW, with social features like video sharing, messaging and discovery. BandLab’s mission is to break down the technical, geographic and creative barriers between creators, collaborators and community by providing a completely FREE and unlimited service.’

However, BandLab does had bone fidemagazine publishing credentials, as among its assets is the US music title Rolling Stone. Other music related brands owned by BandLab include Mono, Harmony. Teisco, Heritage and Swee Lee.

The Anthem sale comes at a time when the print MI magazine market is in a state of flux and follows the closure of Future Publishing’s Acoustic and Drummer and the sale of Guitar World publisher, NewBay Media.

Info: www.anthem-publishing.com and www.bandlab.com

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