NAMM 2018: EBS

NAMM 2018: EBS

The new EBS ReTracer Delay is being billed as a complete workstation packed with useful features all squeezed into in a compact pedal. It benefits from features like preserved effect Tail when the user changes programme or turns off the effect(selectable); various Bypass modes; different Loop modes to use other effects to modulate or change the character of delay effects; Mono, Stereo, Dual (true stereo) or Loop operation, extensive Tap tempo functions and more.

The pedal comes with preloaded firmware and several presets to get started with. Users can create, store and organise their own own presets, based on the dozen Engines and many setting options available in the ReTracer. The ReTracer supports MIDI and can be used with external Expression devices.

Also new will be EBS’s NeoLine 210, 212 & 410 lightweight 8 Ohm cabs. These make it possible for EBS Reidmar owners to power two larger cabinets together with one amp, by pairing two 8 Ohm cabinets together.

Finally, the latest additions to EBS’s pedal board space saving range  include Stereo (TRS) flat patch cables (DLS-28 and 58) in the same style as EBS PCF Deluxe flat patch cables, daisy-chain cables with super slim, flat contacts, as well as new, improved compact 9V DC power supply called the AD9 Pro.


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