AI designed effects pedals inspired by video games… the results are intriguing

AI designed effects pedals inspired by video games… the results are intriguing

Would you use a Minecraft inspired pedal? Hot on the heels of our attempt to use AI to design guitars inspired by film directors, the folks at Pedal Haven have used AI technology to imagine what a range of pedals inspired by video games could look like.

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The pedal news and review site followed’s lead by feeding AI art platform Midjourney some prompts about a selection of popular video games and has shared the results on its website. Take a look at the AI pedals below:
Dark Souls
Image: Pedal Haven / Midjourney
Pedal Haven imagines this one would be a fuzz pedal. It depicts what looks like a cathedral, showing that the tech has clearly grabbed inspo from the games’ architecture.
Image: Pedal Haven / Midjourney
This one, the brand says, could be an overdrive – inspired by the block-y textures of Minecraft, this pedal features four obscure shaped dials with a tree print.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image: Pedal Haven / Midjourney
Don’t let Tom Nook see this one, the entrepreneurial racoon would definitely want to sell it for at least 1,000 bells. This pedal features some bizarrely placed dials and buttons, and even has an ominous lever towards the bottom. It features some of the colour schemes from the wholesome game, but isn’t too similar to its actual aesthetic. Pedal Haven says this one could be a Klon clone.
Super Mario 64
Image: Pedal Haven / Getty
“Surprisingly, it was somewhat difficult to get the AI art generator to create anything that looked remotely like a Super Mario-inspired pedal design” says PH. “After a few attempts and trying different prompts, it gave us this castle-adorned pedal design.” This one also features some nonsensical dials and gibberish text, as AI appears to struggle to generate words near the dials.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Image: Pedal Haven / Midjourney
This one might be the most impressive so far, Midjourney has definitely nailed the dark green aesthetic and iconic Triforce with the artwork here.
Designs were also generated for Fortnite, World Of Warcraft, Spyro The Dragon, and more. Take a look at the full article here.
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