Alex Lifeson launches new family of amplifiers made in partnership with Mojotone

Alex Lifeson launches new family of amplifiers made in partnership with Mojotone

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has teamed up with amplification manufacturer Mojotone to release an entirely new range of amps under the name of LERXST.
All LERXST amps and cabinets are hand-built and are inspired by his “five decades of musical exploration on the guitar while also offering modern players a versatile tonal platform upon which to build their own sonic identity.”

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The range had been designed to Lifeson’s exacting specifications, and are built in the USA by Mojotone. The initial launch includes the OMEGA amplifier head, CHI amplifier head and combo, and an accompanying range of matching guitar cabinets.
OMEGA Amplifier Head
The OMEGA is hailed as Lifeson’s signature amplifier and the flagship of the LERXST line. It’s a British-voiced with footswitchable clean and lead channels, and a shared 3-band EQ.
It has a switchable 50/25 watt power section, making it versatile for use in both small venues and on large stages, and there is a serial effects loop on offer too. In addition to its standard version, OMEGA will also be offered in a Limited Edition Hand Wired version for a short time. This edition is retailing for  $3,495, with the Standard Edition Amplifier Head) priced at $2,495.
CHI Amplifier Head and Combo
The CHI “takes the growl and tone of the OMEGA and places it within a more compact form factor,” according to a press release. It is a 30-watt amplifier, built around 6L6 tubes, and is available as both a smallbox head and a 1×12 combo amplifier. CHI also includes footswitchable clean and lead channels and a serial effects loop. The CHI Combo amp is priced at $1,995, or $1695 for the CHI Amplifier Head.
Guitar cabinets in multiple speaker configurations, including 1×12, 2×12, and 4×12, are also available as part of the launch. The cabinets, head shells, and combo speaker cabinets are all made of voidless baltic birch in a race grey and red garnet levant Tolex finish.
“There has been an explosion of guitar music within the past five years that has been incredible to witness in its diversity of sounds and players,” says Lifeson. “LERXST amplifiers provide a platform for these players that offers the power and quality of tone of the best amplifiers of the past, while also providing key features like power scaling and high-quality effects loops that reflect the needs of players today.”
Find out more at LERXST Amps.
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