Casio partners with Cory Henry to launch CT-X keyboards

Casio partners with Cory Henry to launch CT-X keyboards

Casio has recruited jazz, funk artist and Grammy Award winner, Cory Henry, to launch its new range of CT-X keyboards. Featuring AiX (Acoustic Intelligent multi-eXpression) technology, the new keyboards are claimed to offer excellent accuracy in reproducing the sound of acoustic instruments, as well as generating powerful sounds via a new audio system.

As reported in MIN’s Frankfurt Messe coverage, Casio pulled out all the stops with an exclusive performance by Cory Henry to a packed crowd gathered around the Casio stand.

Having played and toured with artists including Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, The Roots, through to P. Diddy and Yolanda Adams – Henry’s musical prowess perfectly compliments Casio’s new first-class CT-X keyboards, the maker says.

Cory Henry commented on the new Casio CT-X keyboards, saying: ‘You really get great sonic sounds that make you feel as if you are at a professional level.’

Casio’s new range of CT-X keyboards offers three models – the CT-X5000 (RRP £499.99), the CT-X700 (RRP £279.99) and the CT-X3000 (£399.99). The keyboards feature the new AiX Sound Source, drawing on Casio’s expertise in developing precise sound from its digital pianos and applying these to the CT-X range. ‘The keyboards provide high-quality tones ranging from powerful and stirring bass tones to crisp high frequencies. They reproduce the natural sound of acoustic instruments including a resonance that corresponds to the strength of each piano keystroke, a sensational live drum sound, and soaring strings,’ Casio says.

They also provide 100 high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) effects that combine various algorithms to produce diverse sound effects: ‘…enabling richly expressive playing to suit the user. With large-magnet bass reflex speakers and a 15W+15W high-output amplifier (maximum output, CT-X5000 model – the CT-X300 gets just 6W + 6W), the keyboards are suited to either home or venue use and the speakers are embellished with red highlights, giving the keyboards a stylish and iconic look’.


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