Friedman introduces the BE-OD Deluxe and the Golden Pearl

Friedman introduces the BE-OD Deluxe and the Golden Pearl

Two new overdrive pedals that deliver plenty of drive options.

Friedman has pulled back the curtains on its new offerings: the BE-OD Deluxe and Golden Pearl overdrive pedals. The former is a dual-channel version of the brand’s hugely popular BE-OD stompbox, and is modelled after the distinct tone of the BE-100 amp. The latter, on the other hand, is designed to push amps and produce subtler overdrive tones.  
BE-OD Deluxe
The BE-OD Deluxe retains the same circuit as the popular BE-OD pedal, but has an added channel and midrange controls.
Two channels onboard are a high-gain channel identical to the original BE-OD and a lower gain channel. Both can be toggled via the “Channel” footswitch.
Each channel is governed by a dedicated set of controls, much like a dual-channel amp. Controls include “Volume”, “Gain” and “Presence” knobs, a three-band EQ and a three-position “Tight” switch. The upper row of controls manages the high-gain channel while the bottom row sculpts the lower-gain channel.
Check out the BE-OD in action here:

Retails at $269.99
Golden Pearl

The Golden Pearl is an overdrive pedal that serves up a milder overdrive. Throw it in front of an already overdriven amp to push it some more, or pair it with a clean amp to produce a semi-broken-up tone.
Controls-wise, the stompbox features a simple layout: the “Volume”, “Gain” and “Tone” knobs need little introduction. There’s a three-position “Hi Cut” switch that helps even out the high frequencies and a three-way “Voice” switch that selects between LED, diode, or no-clipping voice options.
Check out the Golden Pearl in action here:

Retails at $169.99. More information at
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