Gear Of The Year 2017: Best Bass Product

Gear Of The Year 2017: Best Bass Product

When it comes to taking things down low, sometimes all we need is the classics, but that hasn’t stopped some brands getting inventive with their bass gear in 2017…
Fender American Professional Precision Bass
• Price £1,509
• Reviewed May 2017
• Contact Fender EMEA 01342 331748
How do you improve on an absolute classic? That’s the challenge that Fender took on when the Californian giant came to revamp its core USA-made line with the American Professional Series.
The result, from a bass point of view, was the American Professional Precision Bass – an instrument that took the timeless looks and feel of Leo’s classic and made some sensible tweaks under the hood to make it even better, notably the tonally open and versatile new V-Mod split-coil pickup.
We said “A solid Precision Bass that’s ultra-comfortable to play and does all of the rock ’n’ roll jobs you expect it to with aplomb”
Highly Commended

Taylor GS Mini-e Bass
• Price £827
• Reviewed August 2017
• Contact Taylor Guitars Europe +31 020 667 6030
We said “The GS Mini Bass is a highly portable option for guitarists or bassists that’s great fun to play”

Dunlop CBM105Q Cry Baby Bass Mini Wah
• Price £119
• Reviewed April 2017
• Contact Dunlop
We said “The Mini Wah is well built, easy to use and loads of fun. Add one of these to your pedalboard and unleash your inner funk!”The post Gear Of The Year 2017: Best Bass Product appeared first on The Guitar Magazine.

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