John Squire once offered to teach his son to play Waterfall – and was turned down

John Squire once offered to teach his son to play Waterfall – and was turned down

While many would kill to have a guitar lesson from John Squire, The Stone Roses guitarist has revealed that his son Dillon Squire wasn’t too interested in his guitar guidance growing up.
Speaking in a new interview with Guitarist, Squire reflects on the time his son first taught himself to play one of his father’s most beloved tracks – the timeless Madchester classic, Waterfall. “My eldest son, Dillon, is a singer-songwriter, and when he was young he said he’d learnt to play Waterfall,” he explains.

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While the sight was an immediate moment of pride, it wasn’t exactly a pretty picture. “He was jumping all over the neck, not using a capo,” Squire recalls.
Seeing it as the perfect opportunity to hone his son’s abilities, Squire grabbed his own guitar and showed him the ropes. But, in his attempts to correct his son, he was hilariously defied; “I said, ‘this is how I do it.’ And he watched me play it, and said, ‘Yeah, I prefer it my way.’”

Now 25, Dillon Squire is carving out his own musical journey, chasing his own alternative pop-rock sound. His debut solo EP Yellow Car No Hitbacks was released last September, interweaving the woozy, ambient hallmarks of his father’s band with youthful pop melodies and hooks.
John Squire has most recently been working alongside fellow Mancunian and indie legend Liam Gallagher. Just Another Rainbow served as the first taste of the duo’s upcoming collaborative record; the single is drowning in Madchester magic, combining the magnificent ambience of The Stone Roses with Gallagher’s iconic, instantly recognisable crooning.

And the psychedelic single is only the tip of the iceberg. Speaking on X, Gallagher has teased fans that the record is set to be a game changer. He’s claimed the upcoming record is set to be “the best record since [The Beatles’] Revolver,” before adding that he’s just “being humble” and that it actually “pisses all over it.”

It’s the best record since revolver
— Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) October 23, 2023

What’s coming your way is bigger I’m being humble it pisses all over it
— Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) October 23, 2023

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