Meowdulator: this pedal makes your guitar sound like a cat

Meowdulator: this pedal makes your guitar sound like a cat

Ever wished your guitar could meow like a cat? Dreamt of adding a touch of, ahem, cat-itude to your riffs? B’s Music Shop has answered your whimsical prayers with the release of their latest invention, the Meowdulator.
Developed in collaboration with Cusack Music, this pedal is basically a cat in a stompbox, bringing all the feline charm straight to your guitar. With three control knobs all labelled “meow”, you can crank up the intensity of your guitar’s meows to your heart’s content.

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“This monophonic synth lets you explore a range of bizarre and delightful cat sounds,” says B’s Music Shop. The Meowdulator boasts eight distinct voicings, each with its own unique meow. Whether you want the sharp chirp of the Staccato Kitten, the electronic purr of the Acid Kitty Synth, or the erratic squawk of the Kitty Scream Synth, there’s a sound for every occasion.
And for those moments when you just need a little extra feline flair, press and hold the footswitch to unleash a soothing purr.
Explaining the origin of the pedal, B’s Music Shop owner Brian Hansen says: “This is not a dirt box. This is unlike anything else we’ve ever worked on. It started as half a joke and apparently it could be done… So we have made the world’s first guitar cat synthesizer.”
“I don’t know exactly what to tell you about it, other than it’s weird. It’s glitchy sometimes. It’s its own animal. But it is a little kitty cat, and we hope it makes you happy and you have some fun with it.”

The Meowdulator will cost you $199.99, which, while isn’t the cheapest, will certainly make a fun addition to your pedalboard — and just really confuse your neighbours (and your cat) during those late night practice sessions.
Check out gear content creator Harp Lady’s demo of the pedal below.

Learn more and pre-order the pedal at B’s Music Shop.
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