Ace Frehley says his doctor told him: “You seem to be ageing in reverse”

Ace Frehley says his doctor told him: “You seem to be ageing in reverse”

What’s the secret to carving a long-lasting and productive music career? A commitment to health and wellness would be a good start, according to former Kiss axeman Ace Frehley.
Since leaving Kiss for the second and final time in 2002, Frehley has been prolific, having released nearly half a dozen solo albums in the past decade alone.

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Asked what he attributes his productivity to in a recent interview with Goldmine magazine, the guitarist replies: “Losing 45 pounds, exercise, taking my vitamins, eating organically and working out.”
“I just feel like I got a new lease on life,” he adds. “I went to my doctor five or six weeks ago, and we were going over my bloodwork, and he just started cracking up. And I go, ‘What the fuck’s going on?’”
“He goes, ‘I’m looking at your bloodwork over the last three years, and you seem to be ageing in reverse [laughs].’”
Tips on career longevity aside, Frehley – who earlier this year dropped his eighth solo album 10,000 Volts – also shares insights into his favourite solo from the record. During the interview, the interviewer notes how the title track 10,000 Volts must hold special significance for him, given that it was chosen as the album’s namesake.
Frehley confirms this, explaining that the solo in the song was “really unique” for his usual style of playing. “I listened to that solo the other day and I don’t know what possessed me to play that solo that way because it’s just so different than most of my other solos,” he says.
Since its release, the track has amassed over one million views on YouTube.

Speaking to FOX17 Rock & Review previously, the 73-year-old guitarist shared his joy in the success of the track, but admitted he’s new to the world of TikTok [via Blabbermouth]: “It just went through the roof. I couldn’t believe the amount of hits it had on YouTube, over a million.”
“They hired a social media guy to help me promote myself on social media,” he added. “I never knew what TikTok was. My fiancée’s stepkids use it all the time; it’s more of a young person’s format. But since we put that up – it hasn’t been more than four weeks – I got over a million views.”
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