NAMM 2018: Rhythm Tech

NAMM 2018: Rhythm Tech

Rhythm Tech announced the introduction of a revamped Cajon with enhanced bass response at Winter NAMM 2018. According to Gil Soucy, Rhythm Tech Vice President & General Manager, the new and improved Cajon will entice percussionists with attractive styling and added comfort, while providing terrific margins for dealers.

‘The new Rhythm Tech Cajon is designed to improve the playing and listening experience while offering our loyal dealers great margins on an affordable, versatile percussion instrument,’ Soucy said. ‘The high quality build includes finely crafted edges for added comfort while playing, and the new enhanced bass port is tuned to allow thunderous bass response when desired. This carefully tuned instrument provides percussionists an incredibly wide range of musically pleasing tones suitable for every style of music, and therefore has phenomenal sales potential.’

According to Rhythm Tech Founder Richard Taninbaum: ‘Our Enhanced Bass Port represents a real innovation in tonality – the low end on this instrument is remarkable. If you’re looking for a big bottom, this is your Cajon.’


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