NAMM 2019: Eventide releases Rose delay

NAMM 2019: Eventide releases Rose delay

Eventide has unveiled the Rose, a super-modulated, digital delay pedal with all-analogue circuitry.
Its unique design – built for mixing, filtering and feedback – differs from DSP-based effects, and enables it to produce a spectrum of interesting sounds, including lush textures and experimental compositions. Its circuit design is derived from a variable digital clock which can go from a range of about 200kHz for maximum fidelity and up to 10 seconds of delay, down to about 8kHz for 50 seconds of delay.
The Rose comes with six tactile knobs – mix, feedback, depth, delay, filter and rate – that let you sculpt your delay sounds. It also has three buttons that modify the delay in interesting ways. Here’s a closer look:
Delay Multiplier button:
Increases the delay by either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x

Phase Invert/Reverse Playback button:
Phase Invert Mode: Flips the output phase (with respect to the input phase) for short delay times
Reverse Playback Mode: Plays the delay line backwards

Shape button:
Changes the modulation source
Select from Sine, Square, Random, Envelope and External options

Two other highlights are the assignable hotswitch and three bypass types. The former can be configured to control different parameters – including Tap Tempo and Delay Repeats – while the latter lets you select between Buffered, Relay, Kill Input bypass presets.
Last but not least, the Rose has MIDI control and a fully assignable aux switch/expression pedal input for increased versatility.
Check out a teaser of the Rose below:

Pre-orders at $349. More information at
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