Pigtronix releases Resotron pitch-following envelope filter pedal

Pigtronix releases Resotron pitch-following envelope filter pedal

Claimed to put ‘the sound ’70s keyboard synthesizers at the fingertips of guitarists, bassists…and beyond!’ Pigtronix has launched the new Resotron analogue filter.

At the heart of the Resotron is an SSM2040 chip, found in the Prophet 5 and Octave CAT synthesizers. Pigtronix says: ‘This 24db/octave, state-variable filter provides the full gamut of familiar envelope filter sounds with UP and DOWN sweeping modes, and a sensitivity control to dial in the response of the effect based on how hard you play. In addition to a slew of vintage-correct filter tones, the Resotron pushes the envelope pedal concept to a whole new level by using an analog pitch-tracking system; this function moves the cutoff frequency of the filter up and down. The pitch-following filter effect found in the Resotron moves around based on the notes you play as opposed to how hard you play. The Attack time and Rate of filter motion can be adjusted – using the Glide knob – to dial in how long it takes for the cutoff to travel between pitches’.

‘The pitch-following effect found in the Resotron is analogous to the “key-follow” function found on the original Minimoog and many other classic analog keyboards,’ says Pigtronix president David Koltai. ‘Using our all analog pitch-tracking circuit to control cutoff frequency, the Resotron delivers mind-blowing filter motion for guitar players. I’ve dreamt of making this pedal for years, and it’s finally here.’

The Resotron shipping now to Pigtronix dealers via distributor JHS and retails for £299.00

Info: https://pigtronix.com/product/resotron/

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