Noel Gallagher “f***ing loves” presets: “I cannot be arsed getting my own sounds”

Noel Gallagher “f***ing loves” presets: “I cannot be arsed getting my own sounds”

Everyone knows Noel Gallagher loves to say it as it is – and it turns out the former Oasis guitarist isn’t one to over complicate his set up either, as he “fucking loves” a preset.

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Gallagher, who now prominently releases music with his band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, may well be one of the most successful songwriters in the music industry, but guitar-wise, he’s happy to keep things simple with the use of pedal and amp presets, and loves to “nick” settings from fellow guitarists.
In a new episode of The Pedal Show on YouTube, Gallagher says: “I fucking love a preset, I cannot be arsed [with] getting my own sounds. Like, some guy slaved over that for 16 months to get that sound, I’m not going to take a bit of top off it – [have] a bit of respect for the man!”
He later adds, “I love presets and I love nicking other people’s settings. What I think is not shown enough on these YouTube videos, you know – the Andertons ones and yours and all that – is they never just say what the settings are on the amp.
“I’ll be watching them and thinking, ‘I wonder what the settings are on the amp itself?’ ‘Cause you see them all on the pedals but on the amps themselves… I’m forever nicking peoples’ sounds,” he said.
Gallagher also shares how he took a sneaky look at the settings on Pete Townshend’s amp at the Sir Peter Blake 90 show in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and Graeae Theatre at London’s Royal Festival Hall last year.  “I will steal your vibe, I will,” he concludes.
You can watch the full interview below:

Last year, Gallagher also commented on his songwriting ability, admitting: “I’ve learned, as a songwriter, not to overthink it, not to chase it. I’ve accepted that I’ve got a knack for melody. I’m not as good as people think I am. I think that’s healthy.”
Earlier this week, the ongoing feud between brothers and former Oasis bandmates Noel and Liam Gallagher took a new turn. After Liam called out Noel for his “Damn right blasphemous” cover of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, Noel clapped back and urged Liam to “concentrate on what’s left of his fucking hairdo”.
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