Ocean Colour Scene drummer opts for BishopSound Big Gig Rig

Ocean Colour Scene drummer opts for BishopSound Big Gig Rig

Ocean Colour Scene’s drummer, Oscar Harrison, leads a double life – he’s the drummer and multi-instrumentalist with Birmingham’s Ocean Colour Scene and a leading DJ in his own right.

Determined to make himself really heard, Oscar has just taken delivery of a brand-new rig from the UK’s fastest growing PA manufacturer, Yorkshire-based BishopSound.

Why did he buy BishopSound?

Oscar says: ‘I recently found myself at a friend’s wedding party … at entering the venue, I was stunned by the sound I was hearing… I was amazed at how the sound filled the room with over 400 people, with no sound loss or punch on sound quality… I got investigating… my friend was using Orion15″ full range and Beta 18″ subs…are you kidding me … you could feel your chest taking the bass low ends like never before… as for the full range top end… you won’t find much better out there… Enter stage right BishopSound, an English company. I don’t know what I’ve been doing to have missed this great UK company… all I can say is they ticked all boxes for me within ten mins…the country’s best kept secret is out….I intend on making a loud joyful noise …. you should too..’

Oscar’s new BishopSound rig comprises:

2 x BO115A4       ORION 15A4


2 x BB218S           BB218S


4 x BB118s           Beta 118 Sub


2 x BB115             Beta BB115 Speaker


2 x BSS4                Telescopic Poles


Assorted Cables



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