Review – Groove Drum Co. Pancake Shell Pack

Review – Groove Drum Co. Pancake Shell Pack

Here’s the latest review from our sister-site Drummer’s Review looking at a Groove Drum Co. Pancake Shell Pack, featuring…

  • 18″ x 3″ bass drum,
  • 10″ x 3″ rack tom,
  • 13″ x 3″ floor tom,
  • 12″ x 4″ snare drum,
  • 100% Mahogany shells,
  • Black Zebrawood finish,
  • Mini turret lugs throughout,
  • 2.3mm triple flanged hoops (snare/toms), matching wood hoops (bass drum),
  • Evans heads: clear G2 (toms), clear (branded) Emad (bass drums), coated G1 over Snare Side 300 (snare)
  • Tama MC8 Hoop Grips supplied (no tom arms),
  • Carry Case included

Groove Drum Co
Groove Drum Co

Groove Drum Co. Says…“We developed these drums from scratch, trying to get the most amount of tone and resonance out of each shell.
It’s not only the most portable kit on the planet, it’s also super versatile sound wise! Tune it low, tune it high, tune it as you want! It will always sound consistent and if you close your eyes it’s just like playing your big kit.”

Find out Matt & Nick’s thoughts in the video above!!

Groove Drum Co. Pancake Shell Pack – UK RRP: £1099.00 (including carry case)  

Huge thanks to our friends at Drumazon (UK) for supplying this kit for review!! Be sure to check out their on-line store:

For more info, visit:


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