Say goodbye to pesky cables with Fender’s new Telepath Wireless System

Say goodbye to pesky cables with Fender’s new Telepath Wireless System

Navigating a minefield of cables may be a rite of passage for any band member, but all that is about to change with Fender’s new Telepath Wireless System.
Announced as a part of the guitar company’s Summer 2024 product lineup, the Telepath Wireless System promises “full-frequency wireless audio with sparkling clarity across any stage”.

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To start, Fender’s new wireless unit boasts up to 70 feet of transmission with a low 4ms of latency and “unparalleled signal strength”.
It also sets itself apart from the competition by transmitting signals across the less congested 5.8GHz frequency band, avoiding the crowded 2.4 GHz bandwidth used by most wireless products. The result? Clearer tones and reduced interference from other devices, says the brand.
Auto pairing technology also takes the strain out of your setups, linking the transmitter and receiver in just seconds after startup. The inclusion of multi-unit pairing, meanwhile, allows you to swap instruments in seconds without unplugging.
The Telepath features an articulating input plug that fits a wide variety of instrument jacks, while the active/passive switch accommodates the output signal of guitars, basses, acoustic- electrics, active instruments, and more. There’s also built-in cable tone simulation so players can enjoy the natural feel of their instruments.
Beyond home practice and rehearsals, the Telepath is also well-suited for live gigs, with a rechargeable battery that supplies up to 8 hours of use from a 2 hour charge.
“The Telepath Wireless System demonstrates that Fender is still at the cutting edge of development and craftsmanship, as it was in 1954,” said Justin Norvell, Executive Vice President, Product at FMIC.
The Fender Telepath Wireless System is priced at $199.99/ £169/ €199.
Learn more at Fender.
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