Trace Elliot Now Shipping ELF bass amps

Trace Elliot Now Shipping ELF bass

Trace Elliot’s ELF micro bass amps are now shipping, reports parent company . Weighing just 1.6 pounds, the ELF will fit in a back pocket yet can still deliver 200 Watts of fan-cooled output.
The ELF’s switch mode power supply has thermal as well as over- current protection and the gain knob features a bicolor LED that turns red when the pre-amp compressor engages. The unique input gain has three regions of operation – uncompressed, variable multiband compression, and overdrive.
The three-band rotary EQ has three proprietary Trace Elliot filters: low centre (80 Hz), mid centre (500 Hz) and high centre (4.2 KHz). Studio-quality XLR outputs, with a ground lift switch, ensure the tone the player has on stage is the same tone in the PA. There’s also a headphone output to enable quiet practice. Measuring just 1.35’’ by 6.75’’ by 4.10″ Trace Elliot claims it is the smallest bass amp in the industry.

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