What if Slayer wrote Van Halen’s Jump?

What if Slayer wrote Van Halen’s Jump?

You’ve heard it reimagined as an acoustic pop-rock song, but now we’re going to the other end of the scale. Imagine Van Halen’s Jump as written by Slayer.
Finnish producer and musician Otu Suurmunne, of YouTube channel Moonic Productions, is well-known for his covers of classic songs in the style of other artists – just in case you’ve ever wanted to imagine AC/DC covering the Bee Gees or Metallica covering Wham! – and his latest is a cover of Jump if it had been written by Slayer.

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It’s not something that will be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s hard to argue against it being fairly accurate.
Like the rest of Suurmunne’s covers, it’s been well-received online, too. It’s amassed over 45,000 views in under two days, and it’s getting plenty of praise in the comments.
One viewer says, “I find it simply shocking how this guy plays well, sings well, and can sing identically to the original singer,” meanwhile another says, “It’s incredible that you reconstruct the song from the ground up, and don’t just ‘do a metal cover.’ I’m not even a Slayer fan, but I know their songs and this is such a good representation.”
You can’t really knock Suurmunne’s commitment to the bit, either. For the video, he dons a wig of what looks like spaghetti, presumably to imitate the long locks of vocalist and bassist Tom Araya.
The last cover he worked on before this one was of Los Del Río’s flamenco pop classic Macarena, in the style of System of a Down, while a recent rendition of Hanson’s MMMBop in the style of Limp Bizkit also looks eye-catching.
You can check out the cover of Jump and see what you think here. Does it hold a candle to the original in any way?

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