Wolfgang Van Halen has already begun working on the third Mammoth WVH album

Wolfgang Van Halen has already begun working on the third Mammoth WVH album

Wolfgang Van Halen has already begun work – at least in its early stages – on the third Mammoth WVH album, apparently.
The multi-instrumentalist – who is also the son of late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen – fronts Mammoth WVH, and has so far released two albums under the band name: the self-titled Mammoth WVH in 2021, and Mammoth II in 2023.

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And he’s now looking to complete that Mammoth trilogy, he confirms in a new interview with Ethan Jackson of Topeka’s rock radio station KDVV/V100.
Asked whether he’s managed to get any writing done for his next album, Wolfgang replies [via Blabbermouth]: “December, from the 9th to New Year’s, or to January 4th, that was legit time off. We did nothing, and it was the best.
“But then starting this year, the month of January, I was kind of working on some preliminary sort of Mammoth III, looking in that direction of the next album. [It’s still] super early, but just kind of preparing my mental capacity for writing for the future.”
Wolfgang adds that he could use more time writing the next LP, as Mammoth II had come together quickly.
“Yes, I could always use a bit more time,” he says. “Not how the first one – the first album – I did it over three years, but the second album was only about a month and a half, two months. I think we found this cool new structure, depending on how our schedule fills out, do kind of a month here, a month there, and by the end of the year, maybe we get two to three months of work done over the course of time.
“And, of course, while I’m on the road, I can always be writing demos and stuff and kind of preparing for that. So yeah, we’re definitely trying to squeeze more time out and make it a bit more comfortable than Mammoth II was.”
In other news, Wolfgang Van Halen recently appeared to address comments made towards him by his former Van Halen bandmate David Lee Roth, who called him a “fucking kid”, and criticised him for his contributions to A Different Kind of Truth.
Regarding the way he operates Mammoth WVH, he recently said: “We don’t really have any room for personalities to make it a hard time [and make you] feel like you’re walking on eggshells. 
“I think drama just isn’t worth it. And if you could just get together and have a good time with your friends and make some music, I think that’s all that really matters.”
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