You can now play a Fender Strat and Precision Bass in Fortnite

You can now play a Fender Strat and Precision Bass in Fortnite

The worlds of music and video games frequently collide – just take Avenged Sevenfold’s new Fortnite- and Call of Duty-style Season Pass loyalty programme. Now there’s another crossover coming courtesy of Fender and Epic Games, which will make the brand’s iconic guitars playable in Fortnite.
The Fender Strat and Precision Bass are now in Fortnite‘s item shop, which can be used to jam with in Fortnite‘s classic Battle Royale Mode, or in Epic’s brand new music game Fortnite Festival which made its debut in December.

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Players can now rock out with their friends to popular songs on Fortnite Festival’s main stage, while they also have the option to create their own unique mix in Fortnite Festival’s Jam Stage and in Battle Royale.
The purchasable in-game models include the Fender Stratocaster in Black, Fiesta Red and Lake Placid Blue finishes, whilst the Precision Bass also comes in three colours – Black, Buttercream and Tidepool.

You may see some familiar instruments soon in @fnfestival. Check out the Stratocaster and Precision Bass tonight in the Item Shop!
— Fender (@Fender) March 13, 2024

The news is timely considering that the Stratocaster recently celebrated its 70th birthday, which Fender marked in style by rounding up a host of guitar legends for a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child (Slight Return) as part of its ‘Year Of The Stratocaster’ campaign.
In the video titled ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return): Forever Ahead of Its Time’, virtuosos Mateus Asato, Nile Rodgers, Tom Morello, REI, Tash Sultana, Jimmie Vaughan and more come together to pay homage to the iconic instrument and one of its most legendary riffs. Other artists to appear include Ari O’Neal, Tyler Bryant, Rebecca Lovell and Simon Neil.
The Fender Strat is one of the guitars most synonymous with Hendrix, famously because the left-handed player restrung his right-handed Stratocasters upside down.
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