“You say you could play as good as me?”: Dave Mustaine calls out drunk fan during Megadeth show

“You say you could play as good as me?”: Dave Mustaine calls out drunk fan during Megadeth show

Sadly, hecklers are a common issue faced by performing musicians. Combine all the excitement with a little bit of booze and it’s no surprise some fans get carried away.
Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine had to deal with one such audience member during the band’s show in Stockholm, Sweden last week, who appeared to claim he could play guitar better than him.

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In fan-shot footage shared to Reddit (as reported by Metal Hammer), the frontman initially appears to take the drunken comments in his stride, and gives the disruptive man a flippant middle finger in his general direction.
However, as the man in question continues to shout out interruptive remarks, Mustaine becomes increasingly frustrated: “You say you could play as good as me?” he asks. “Fucking I’d like to see… Shut up. Just shut up, you’ve had your 15 seconds.”
He goes on to add, “If I have to say it one more time, I’m gonna ask security to take your fucking drunken ass out of here, do you hear me?”
He concludes the interaction, joking: “See, that’s what happens when cousins fuck,” to rapturous applause from the rest of the crowd.
View the footage below:
Dave shuts down two drunk idiots by u/MalakMeister in Megadeth

Although it can’t be seen entirely what is really happening at the show, a comment left under the video by the original poster, MalakMeister, explains: “They were being loud and obnoxious by interrupting Dave during one of his speeches, saying they wanted to go up and play with him… They were teenage boys with no shirts on who kept mosh pitting (nothing wrong with that) so I think Dave already noticed them but I do remember one of them screaming face to face at a girl close to me right before they spoke to Dave.”
The user adds: “I might be wrong here but it seemed like she got mad at him for pushing his way through and he tried to explain himself in a very rude way.”
Dave Mustaine recently weighed in on the currently prevalent issue of fans throwing things at musicians onstage. He stopped short of outright condemning the actions of such fans, instead saying: “If you’re giving them a great show, they’re not gonna do that – they’re not gonna do that. So don’t get up there acting like a spoiled fucking brat and telling them not to throw stuff.”
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