2012 BH250 transistor D7

2012 BH250 transistor D7

I was working on my BH250 today because it cuts out while playing bass, and the tuner stopped working. Everything else works (poweramp is just fine while playing from aux input).

I’ve found the SMD transistor (?) D7 on the main logic board to be defective. It cracked open, so it was blown up at some point. The damage is clearly visible on this picture:


Because of the damage I cannot read the value on the packaging of the transistor, can anybody tell which type/value to use?

Since schematics are not available for this amp, and TC is only replacing the full motherboard if I send it in (which is costly), I’d like to give it a go with a rework station and the correct SMD part.

These parts don’t blow for nothing, but since it is so close to the input of the board I think this was caused by something coming from the input jack.


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