When was oil & wax finish introduced to Stingrays?

When was oil & wax finish introduced to Stingrays?

I was just wondering, when did EBMM start using the oil & wax finish on their Stingray necks? I can’t seem to find this info anywhere. It’s mostly for the curiosity sake I’m asking, and was wondering if Flea’s black 3 band Stingray that he used in the “Master Session” with Phoenix River is lacquered or oil&wax finished. I think I only found 90s used Stingrays online that were always lacquer finished.

Anyways, I just got a great 2010 2 band Stingray with the oil & wax finish, and it’s nice as heck, but I’m adding a bit more protection – 8 thin coats of BC Gun Stock Tru Oil, and will end with 2 coats of BC Gun Stock Wax. Kind of more like BC intended the Tru Oil to be used (several thin coats that are left to dry). I know EBMM just put the oil for like 15 seconds, wipe off, put on the wax and buff, wipe off. It feels great, if you want that “almost bare” neck feel. I’m just about to put the 8th coat (I do 2 coats a day). It looks great, has a great sheen already and feels nice when it dries. This is my first oil & wax Stingray, my previous ones were lacquered (USA SUB & BFR Stingray Black Sugar).

Anyways, would love to know when they introduced this neck finish specifically on Stingray basses. Thanks!

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