Axis high action issues

Axis high action issues

This guitar has given me trouble for a long time with high action from say the 9th fret up…i presumed the neck needs to be shimmed, though when i first got it it played nice (from what i remember), so it doesn’t seem to make sense that now the neck needs to be shimmed.

Recently i’m working on a project that is in drop C and i couldn’t make the guitar work well with 9’s or 9-46 hybrids. I decided to try the heavy bottoms 10-52, and no suprise the action is worse now (also pulling from the middle frets and getting higher as they go). I was looking closer at the bridge and it is on an angle as well, is that normal? the high e side touches the body, the bottom e side does not and its at an angle when looking from behind. How can you even adjust that? it doesn’t seem adjustable.


Photos are hard to tell because of the reflection off of the guitar unfortunately.

Axis Bridge – chrismilne

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