Let’s see your Classic Series EBMM Basses!

Let’s see your Classic Series EBMM Basses!

As much as I love the preminant Stingray, Stingrays 5?and Sterling…. the Classic Series EBMM Basses are truly the instruments that have stolen my heart. I love the old Pre EB Rays but I like the Classic Series better. They are built better, with better components and tighter manufacturing standards and are more consistent. Plus…. they are dead sexy and they are truly a players bass. I don’t like to use words like perfect but these Basses are perfect for me.

Once my Classic Stingray 5 arrives (any day now) I’ll have the complete set of Classic Basses offered. But I know the color options have varied and I wish I could find and afford them all,,,, but for now I’ll settle with seeing pictures and the stories of your Classics!

Ready….,, GO!

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