Axis pickup change

Axis pickup change

ok so i recently acquired an sbmm ax30D. i really like the dynamics of the bridge but i keep thinking to myself “this would be the perfect pickup if it had a ceramic magnet for better low end clarity”

i like the sweetness of the top end, really expressive for leads. the midrange grind is good but the low end chunk and crunch are just a little too mushy for my playing.

im thinking the EVO 2 bridge would be what im wanting to hear. anyone play one? i have an evolution neck and beidge set in my sbmm jp50 stealth. perfect for all out scream, balls and chunk but im really digging the dynamics of the axis bridge pup. seems like the evo 2 fits the bill.

and honestly i dont like the neck pup for gain. not clear enough.

however, the axis pups are great for rock and roll. they can do metal but not with the clarity of the evolution (which is what im used to)

maybe a 1meg pot with the axis pups might boost the prescence up enough to achieve what im looking for?

let me know your thoughts guys. thanks in advance.

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