Better quality sound from your G-system

Better quality sound from your G-system

Hello everyone. I made a major discovery yesterday.

I’ve been struggling with the G-system sucking up tone, no matter how meticulously I adjust the levels (with Laird White Paper). In addition to that, the first connection phase of G generates an unbelievable amount of noise. This I found out yesterday.

I’m running (was running) 4 cable method. However, I managed to bypass the first phase (input, filter, compressor, loops 1-4), by simply:
– plugging the guitar straight into amp, and
– from fx loop send to G’s insert loop return. Then back
– from G output to amp loop return.

An unbelievable difference in sound. I mean, it’s BIG. This way, a total of 10 individual ad/da conversions are removed from the signal chain (input, loops 1-4, and insert loop send). The sound quality alone is a deal breaker, but there’s more:

All the excess noise is gone. All of it. I used to have TWO noise gates in the signal chain, and STILL had to use the gate from the G. Now, the mild hiss from high gain sounds can be easily tamed with G’s gate alone.

This is mind blowing for me. I’ll never go back to the regular 4CM.

But now to the downsides.

By doing this you lose the access to G’s filter and compressor blocks. I’m using an outboard compressor, and I never use the filter block, so no problem there. But now the pre-amp connected pedal loops are gone too, and these I absolutely need. So I’ll have to purchase a loop switcher for the pedals.

Voodoo Lab GCX or HEX switcher should do the trick. The HEX is 359€, not bad. And GCX is 499€, still doable – given I was almost ready to ditch the G-system and go with the Voodoo Lab switcher anyway. I thought would’ve had to let go of the G, buy a loop switcher, buy a separate midi foot controller, and buy a multi fx unit (G-major).

So essentially I’m going to be using the G-system like a G-major with a separate loop switcher. But I still get to keep the floor board interface.

If someone is struggling with their sound quality, I strongly suggest you try this.

Oh and yes, I have the 3rd generation G with modified input buffers. Which, by the way, didn’t make any difference in sound to the 1st generation unit I had earlier.

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